Thursday, 16 October 2014

MANAGERS DIARY -the conclution

It was not by chance that all these came to be. How the team was formed, how i joined, and how Nelson was found. This is contained in the secret diary of the club, they call it, 'managers diary' and sometimes 'The book of secrets'. Contained in its pages are the secrets of good and evil that fills the world. From generation to generation, the balance is never achieved, therefore prompting the minions on both sides to use every weapon in their defensive armoury. Thot Amon- king of the shadow sect, upholds the wheel of darkness and restless in the pursuit for total dominance. The Gods- controls all that be of three worlds that coexist; temple of light, the universe, and the underworld. The Chosen one- a mortal chosen in each generation to defend light against the horrors of the dark. Little did i know that all my life was entangled in this secret, or perhaps Opal FC's. My parents were high ranked commanders of the Cosmos Corps- a very secretuve society that monitored the supernatural balance of the world. The cosmos corps are everywhere. They identify the chosen of each generation, who will lead them to fight hand in hand against darkness. I couldn't explain my sudden emotion for Nelson until now. My bloodline have always identified the chosen one of their time, and now coming in close range with Nelson, i could not resist the spiritual touch. The Chosen one he is, no doubt about it. But to carry out his mission, he has to be trained, and i'll be most honoured to be his teacher. On the pitch, he is what a player is made of, but i know he's made of more, my boss know so, the cosmos corps know, he his made up of the powers of light- The spirit of vengeance against evil. But how do we tell him? We will have to prepare him. How will he take it when he comes to know who he really is? What will he do when he finally comprehends that his responsibilities are far greater than kicking a soccer ball?

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