Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MEET THE GUYS (part 2 of 2)

'Griiiiing!' The alarm from Nelson's newly purchased Techno phantom Z mobile alerted the starlet. 'Naaa, I got up earlier today', Nelson realised he's forgotten his mobile. 'Shuttle's here!', a voice echoed from outside. The cool morning air blew the curtains apart, just enough for him to see the O-shuttle parked outside. 'See you later, aunt', he bades goodbye, slung his bag on his shoulder, dashed for the bus, not after he had finnished his early morning hot coffee of course. 'Gut to see you again, how vos your night?', Collin welcomes Nelson as he board the shuttle. It's full as usual, with Joseph, Dan and Alfred always sitting at the far end. Weird but justified, they're Opal FC's foward trio, Nelson being thier fourth member, still have a lot to do to fit in. 'Bad....especially when reminiscing experiences with a dreadlock freak, black beared bully and red-hair pighead', Nelson burst out for the first time. 'Not now, it's too early for this' Leroy, an older member of the team sigh. 'Ve should be worried about ze game guys' Collin, who's now seated put in,'Ve cannot afford to lose focus now' he concluded. The euphoria of silence was finally felt as the bus cruise the misty highway. The passangers were preparing psychologically for the game. It's a big match for the team. A win will open contention for the league title again, but a lose will hand Internationals a quantum leap to a third consecutive league title. The prolonged silence was soon disrupted. Heavy instrumental sounds were percieved from afar. The tension could not have been much higher as fans from both team was seen trooping en masse to the heat- Inter's home ground stadium. 'The heat is definately upon all. Welcome to the decider' the man on the wheels sounded. He wore a jacket instead of his normal white singlet and blue jeans signalling his support of the opponent.'Meet me on the pitch' he smiled as he alighted after pulling over the parking lot...awaiting good fortunes has he had stake a lot on the game bettings. 'So you think you've got the guts' Dan belowed as the players head for the change room. Nelson who was the culprit turned a deaf ear to the taunts as he stood affix looking at the note pasted on the wall. 'That's coach tradition' a skinny white fellow pated Nelson from behind. 'Those are the guys who'll be making the line-up today'. 'Line-up?!'Nelson exclaimed just as he realised it was Smith standing next to him. 'So how come you always make the team?'. 'That depends on coach's mood bro. Even I can't really say why. Er- are you listening?'. Nelson was lost reading the list. The Manager was using a 4-4-2 formation today with Pat always in goal. Smith and Kline are the central defenders today. Leroy and Mavin were left and right backs respectively. Captain Ifeanyi and Kevin Yen were placed far to the flanks. Jude is at defensive midfield, Collin in supporting strike. Joseph and Dan were far forward, which means Nelson was on the bench. Not only him though, Alfred and many of the youngsters on the team too. 'C'mon bozo, get ready for the match' Smith screams brought back the starlet to reality. 'Woah! Were's everybody?' 'Gone, you idiot. You'd better dress up fast, we don't have all day' 'Aaah!' Nelson was shocked as he reached the tunnel leading to the field. 'Wow!' another guy standing in front looked at Nelson in sheer disgust. 'We meet again' he grinned. Nelson starred at the figure. A chocolate skinned mesomorphic feature in a yellow and white jersey. Same height with Nelson, beady brown eyeballs, well curled bushy yellow hair, and a tightly tied white tape stripped from his elbow to knuckles. 'You look like you've seen a ghost' the weird fellow scuffles Nelson. 'Thinking of how I got here? Well, that's a long story. All I know is my team will emerge triumphant, just like I used to trounce you'. Hot blood gushed through Nelson's veins at the sight of his long time rival- Bash. All he could alter was, 'Game on!'.