Wednesday, 28 January 2015

MEET THE GUYS (part 1 of 2)

The team is so full of life. From the back line to the ferrocious fowards. Our number one goal keeper, Patrick Cech, is always ready for it, anyday, anytime. Still, we need to train as much as our opponents are doing. Opal FC full house crew are on the O-shuttle, heading for the camp. 'Loosers!', indistinct chattering from a full bus passing by. They are the infamous Internationals fanatic club supporters. 'Opal FC's going down',one of them screamed,'we're going to destroy you next week'. As the bus went by, infuriated coach starts lecturing.'Inter are back to back winners of the global league. They're edging closer to another straight title. It seems they already won it 'cos they've got the most favourable league schedule. They may be top and far ahead of us, but I want you all to give it all you've got against them. I want those maximum points, you hear me? Now get on your feet and show me why you deserve those white jerseys. The players, all through coaches speech, had arrived at their destination. Blu camp, 200 ft high, Opal FC's ten thousand capacity stadium. All attension was now directed at the youngster, Nelson. His increadible performance against CC Rovers stunned his teammates. Something no one expected from a youngster, much less a debutant. 'Why are they all starring at me?',Nelson whispers to his only friend yet on the team, Ifeanyi A.K.A. Ify. 'Be calm buddy, they're not used to meeting strangers',Ify replies. 'Stranger? I'm no stranger here', young Nelson protested. 'Don't worry, they'll soon get acquainted with you. Its just a matter of time',Ify, who was captain of the team, assured his friend. 'Coach's so fund of you, huh!',a tall mosseiur cajoles Nelson from behind. He had an ugly look with his reddish hair. Even a lion will get a moment of anxiety looking at his broad and bulky looking shoulders and arms. His skin showed he's scandinavian and he had a clean u-shaped beared. 'Don't get scared', the giant shrugged. 'I admire playing aside a talented starlet', streching out his wide left palm at the same time,'I'm Patrick. You cab call me Pat'. 'Pleasd to meet you', puny looking Nelson shook the giant. 'See? I told you they'll come by', whispered Ify. 'Double up guys, we don't have all day', coach announced. Normal training routine began. Completing the six lap jugging warm up, stretching and relaxing muscle excersice, jumping hurdles and dribbling cones, playing middleman and practising coach's instructed tactias. 'Wow! You play like a guru, Nelson', Pat teased. 'No Pat, I'm just following in your footsteps' 'Pfft!',Pat grinned,'you talk like a gentleman. What you say I give you a ride' 'Training's over. I'd be greatful' The lot got changed and bumped ontn the road in Pat's Range Rover. 'Hi dude',the man backseat greet. 'Are you cacausian?'Nelson was curious. 'Yeah man, I grew up in ze states',Collin answered. 'But I've seen you play for the argentines on TV!',Nelson was puzzled. 'Ze united state also offered me a place in there team, but I vos always played out of position, and I chose to play for me motherland, Argentina'. 'Kof-ko-ka-kaf!' another guy front seat interropts. 'Knock it out Kevin, don't contaminate us with your flu',Pat, who was on the wheels warned. 'Just wanna remind y'all am no ghost. Just bevause your one little freak dosen't make ya the hero here. We the wingers suffer to give excellent passes en crosses, but who gets all the recognition in the end, some filty fowards' complained Yen. 'I heard ze Japanese are stupido, zat's vy Hiroshoma remainad barren', Collin interrupted. 'Woo-hoo, same reason Argentina remain third-world',Yen counters. 'At least civilisation in ze west triggered growth in ze east',argued Collins. The scenario continued even after Nelson alighted. 'Phew!', Nelson sighed on getting home and collapsed on the sofa. 'Those guys are like cat and dog'. 'Did they disturb you again, son?', Nelson's aunt appeared from the kitchen. 'No, aunt... We got along just fine this time around. You should've seen how huge Pat was, how handsome Kline looks, how a leader Ify is, how well mannered and refined Collin is... I mean those guys were cool'. 'Hmm, looks like you had a good time' 'Not really. Coach was mean, Alfred was rude- he wouldn't pass the ball, Yen's a parrot- he rattles...' 'It's okay son. We'll talk later. Go and freshen up and come for dinner before it gets cold' 'Alright, I oblige'