Tuesday, 28 April 2015


sorry for failing to publish new posts for a while. this is due to some technical issues. check back next month or two. the problem will soon be fixed. you can visit to know more about us.


sorry for failing to publish new posts for a while. this is due to some technical issues. check back next month or two. the problem will soon be fixed. you can visit to know more about us.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MEET THE GUYS (part 2 of 2)

'Griiiiing!' The alarm from Nelson's newly purchased Techno phantom Z mobile alerted the starlet. 'Naaa, I got up earlier today', Nelson realised he's forgotten his mobile. 'Shuttle's here!', a voice echoed from outside. The cool morning air blew the curtains apart, just enough for him to see the O-shuttle parked outside. 'See you later, aunt', he bades goodbye, slung his bag on his shoulder, dashed for the bus, not after he had finnished his early morning hot coffee of course. 'Gut to see you again, how vos your night?', Collin welcomes Nelson as he board the shuttle. It's full as usual, with Joseph, Dan and Alfred always sitting at the far end. Weird but justified, they're Opal FC's foward trio, Nelson being thier fourth member, still have a lot to do to fit in. 'Bad....especially when reminiscing experiences with a dreadlock freak, black beared bully and red-hair pighead', Nelson burst out for the first time. 'Not now, it's too early for this' Leroy, an older member of the team sigh. 'Ve should be worried about ze game guys' Collin, who's now seated put in,'Ve cannot afford to lose focus now' he concluded. The euphoria of silence was finally felt as the bus cruise the misty highway. The passangers were preparing psychologically for the game. It's a big match for the team. A win will open contention for the league title again, but a lose will hand Internationals a quantum leap to a third consecutive league title. The prolonged silence was soon disrupted. Heavy instrumental sounds were percieved from afar. The tension could not have been much higher as fans from both team was seen trooping en masse to the heat- Inter's home ground stadium. 'The heat is definately upon all. Welcome to the decider' the man on the wheels sounded. He wore a jacket instead of his normal white singlet and blue jeans signalling his support of the opponent.'Meet me on the pitch' he smiled as he alighted after pulling over the parking lot...awaiting good fortunes has he had stake a lot on the game bettings. 'So you think you've got the guts' Dan belowed as the players head for the change room. Nelson who was the culprit turned a deaf ear to the taunts as he stood affix looking at the note pasted on the wall. 'That's coach tradition' a skinny white fellow pated Nelson from behind. 'Those are the guys who'll be making the line-up today'. 'Line-up?!'Nelson exclaimed just as he realised it was Smith standing next to him. 'So how come you always make the team?'. 'That depends on coach's mood bro. Even I can't really say why. Er- are you listening?'. Nelson was lost reading the list. The Manager was using a 4-4-2 formation today with Pat always in goal. Smith and Kline are the central defenders today. Leroy and Mavin were left and right backs respectively. Captain Ifeanyi and Kevin Yen were placed far to the flanks. Jude is at defensive midfield, Collin in supporting strike. Joseph and Dan were far forward, which means Nelson was on the bench. Not only him though, Alfred and many of the youngsters on the team too. 'C'mon bozo, get ready for the match' Smith screams brought back the starlet to reality. 'Woah! Were's everybody?' 'Gone, you idiot. You'd better dress up fast, we don't have all day' 'Aaah!' Nelson was shocked as he reached the tunnel leading to the field. 'Wow!' another guy standing in front looked at Nelson in sheer disgust. 'We meet again' he grinned. Nelson starred at the figure. A chocolate skinned mesomorphic feature in a yellow and white jersey. Same height with Nelson, beady brown eyeballs, well curled bushy yellow hair, and a tightly tied white tape stripped from his elbow to knuckles. 'You look like you've seen a ghost' the weird fellow scuffles Nelson. 'Thinking of how I got here? Well, that's a long story. All I know is my team will emerge triumphant, just like I used to trounce you'. Hot blood gushed through Nelson's veins at the sight of his long time rival- Bash. All he could alter was, 'Game on!'.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

MEET THE GUYS (part 1 of 2)

The team is so full of life. From the back line to the ferrocious fowards. Our number one goal keeper, Patrick Cech, is always ready for it, anyday, anytime. Still, we need to train as much as our opponents are doing. Opal FC full house crew are on the O-shuttle, heading for the camp. 'Loosers!', indistinct chattering from a full bus passing by. They are the infamous Internationals fanatic club supporters. 'Opal FC's going down',one of them screamed,'we're going to destroy you next week'. As the bus went by, infuriated coach starts lecturing.'Inter are back to back winners of the global league. They're edging closer to another straight title. It seems they already won it 'cos they've got the most favourable league schedule. They may be top and far ahead of us, but I want you all to give it all you've got against them. I want those maximum points, you hear me? Now get on your feet and show me why you deserve those white jerseys. The players, all through coaches speech, had arrived at their destination. Blu camp, 200 ft high, Opal FC's ten thousand capacity stadium. All attension was now directed at the youngster, Nelson. His increadible performance against CC Rovers stunned his teammates. Something no one expected from a youngster, much less a debutant. 'Why are they all starring at me?',Nelson whispers to his only friend yet on the team, Ifeanyi A.K.A. Ify. 'Be calm buddy, they're not used to meeting strangers',Ify replies. 'Stranger? I'm no stranger here', young Nelson protested. 'Don't worry, they'll soon get acquainted with you. Its just a matter of time',Ify, who was captain of the team, assured his friend. 'Coach's so fund of you, huh!',a tall mosseiur cajoles Nelson from behind. He had an ugly look with his reddish hair. Even a lion will get a moment of anxiety looking at his broad and bulky looking shoulders and arms. His skin showed he's scandinavian and he had a clean u-shaped beared. 'Don't get scared', the giant shrugged. 'I admire playing aside a talented starlet', streching out his wide left palm at the same time,'I'm Patrick. You cab call me Pat'. 'Pleasd to meet you', puny looking Nelson shook the giant. 'See? I told you they'll come by', whispered Ify. 'Double up guys, we don't have all day', coach announced. Normal training routine began. Completing the six lap jugging warm up, stretching and relaxing muscle excersice, jumping hurdles and dribbling cones, playing middleman and practising coach's instructed tactias. 'Wow! You play like a guru, Nelson', Pat teased. 'No Pat, I'm just following in your footsteps' 'Pfft!',Pat grinned,'you talk like a gentleman. What you say I give you a ride' 'Training's over. I'd be greatful' The lot got changed and bumped ontn the road in Pat's Range Rover. 'Hi dude',the man backseat greet. 'Are you cacausian?'Nelson was curious. 'Yeah man, I grew up in ze states',Collin answered. 'But I've seen you play for the argentines on TV!',Nelson was puzzled. 'Ze united state also offered me a place in there team, but I vos always played out of position, and I chose to play for me motherland, Argentina'. 'Kof-ko-ka-kaf!' another guy front seat interropts. 'Knock it out Kevin, don't contaminate us with your flu',Pat, who was on the wheels warned. 'Just wanna remind y'all am no ghost. Just bevause your one little freak dosen't make ya the hero here. We the wingers suffer to give excellent passes en crosses, but who gets all the recognition in the end, some filty fowards' complained Yen. 'I heard ze Japanese are stupido, zat's vy Hiroshoma remainad barren', Collin interrupted. 'Woo-hoo, same reason Argentina remain third-world',Yen counters. 'At least civilisation in ze west triggered growth in ze east',argued Collins. The scenario continued even after Nelson alighted. 'Phew!', Nelson sighed on getting home and collapsed on the sofa. 'Those guys are like cat and dog'. 'Did they disturb you again, son?', Nelson's aunt appeared from the kitchen. 'No, aunt... We got along just fine this time around. You should've seen how huge Pat was, how handsome Kline looks, how a leader Ify is, how well mannered and refined Collin is... I mean those guys were cool'. 'Hmm, looks like you had a good time' 'Not really. Coach was mean, Alfred was rude- he wouldn't pass the ball, Yen's a parrot- he rattles...' 'It's okay son. We'll talk later. Go and freshen up and come for dinner before it gets cold' 'Alright, I oblige'

Thursday, 16 October 2014

MANAGERS DIARY -the conclution

It was not by chance that all these came to be. How the team was formed, how i joined, and how Nelson was found. This is contained in the secret diary of the club, they call it, 'managers diary' and sometimes 'The book of secrets'. Contained in its pages are the secrets of good and evil that fills the world. From generation to generation, the balance is never achieved, therefore prompting the minions on both sides to use every weapon in their defensive armoury. Thot Amon- king of the shadow sect, upholds the wheel of darkness and restless in the pursuit for total dominance. The Gods- controls all that be of three worlds that coexist; temple of light, the universe, and the underworld. The Chosen one- a mortal chosen in each generation to defend light against the horrors of the dark. Little did i know that all my life was entangled in this secret, or perhaps Opal FC's. My parents were high ranked commanders of the Cosmos Corps- a very secretuve society that monitored the supernatural balance of the world. The cosmos corps are everywhere. They identify the chosen of each generation, who will lead them to fight hand in hand against darkness. I couldn't explain my sudden emotion for Nelson until now. My bloodline have always identified the chosen one of their time, and now coming in close range with Nelson, i could not resist the spiritual touch. The Chosen one he is, no doubt about it. But to carry out his mission, he has to be trained, and i'll be most honoured to be his teacher. On the pitch, he is what a player is made of, but i know he's made of more, my boss know so, the cosmos corps know, he his made up of the powers of light- The spirit of vengeance against evil. But how do we tell him? We will have to prepare him. How will he take it when he comes to know who he really is? What will he do when he finally comprehends that his responsibilities are far greater than kicking a soccer ball?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


It takes a lot to bring a perfect team to reality. It goes down to the evolution of creation, how units became whole. This system is what brought about the giants of yesterday and the powerful of today and will inevitably evolve rulers of the future. But the mystery of its balance is yet to be understood. A perfect idea was what brought the nonagenarian into the topmost heirachy; creating Opal FC. Von Platino, Italian breed, Mexican by birth, turned the Fantastic Junior Amateur Football Club to a world class soccer club that it is now. Speculations have erupted about why the big time bussiness man invest in an underdog brand far from his field. Maybe he wants to win the hearts of the Nigerian masses, or he wants to loot us like the rest of his kind did in the pre-colonial era. No one really knows for the fact that the tycoon reportedly had an aversion for soccer. The club was handed over to his son, Anold in his death, who was the true mastermind behind Opal Football Club. Disguising sometimes as a pauper, he'll sneak at every training pitch he came accross, searching for the right talent. That was how he found me in the dusty environment of Kano. My parents had sent me there to be properly groomed in Islamic Knowledge, but Mr Anold was the one who foresaw my true potential: a knack for football, not dried leaves. It was the happiest day of my life when my parents agreed to let me pursue my heart desire. Surely, nobody could ever envy the path of my life 'cos I never really had a good career. A brutal knee injury ruled me out at the early stage of my football career, but this was soon to be a blessing in disguise. I was named manager after losing our coach to cancer. 21 years on the sideline gave me more than enough experience to manage the team. Just like every other manager, I had my playing formula which needed one more ingredient to be efficacious, a sharp striker. Following in my boss' footsteps, I went from place to place in search of the right talent. Finally,I found him, just like L'afolabi was found. He's also Nigerian but he has no dreadlocks. Black hair, chocolate skin, dark blue eyes, perfect physic for a starlet. I think he goes by the name Nelson. Yes, Nelson.